Decatur Physical Therapy
& Sports Medicine

About Us

Decatur Physical Therapy, founded in 1993 by Cecil (Andy) Anderson, is an outpatient private practice, owned and operated by a physical therapist.

We treat general orthopedic conditions and sports injuries, with a specialty on shoulder pathologies.

How Decatur Physcial Therapy is different:

One -On-One Attention:

In our small clinic, you see the same physical therapist every time you come in for a treatment. He knows you, knows about your course of treatment and your progress. You don’t waste time going over things again and again; you won’t repeat a treatment that didn’t help already, or miss out on  a service that you found helpful before. We believe that the consistent, personal, one-on-one attention of an experienced physical therapist is the best way to help our patients get well. 

Hands- On Treatment:
At Decatur Physical Therapy, we believe that what we have to offer is the deep experience and skill of a dedicated physical therapist. You can work out in a gym anywhere. You can stretch and exercise anywhere. We’re experts in manual therapy and we emphasize a hands-on approach that’s customized for your condition and adjusted constantly for the progress you’re making - something you can only get from a uniquely expert individual! That translates to shorter recovery time and a fuller return to function.

At Decatur Physical Therapy, we know that our job is NOT to provide therapy; our job is to get you well. And we work persistently and unflaggingly until our patients are returned to an optimal level of function and health.

"I had my pick of physical therapists to go to,
but Andy was my only choice. He will not
give up until you are healed.”

"Chuck got me back on my feet!  Friendly staff very helpful.  This place is the best! Thanks again Chuck!!!"

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