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"I have had too much physical therapy to count, and I have gone to a number of PT shops. Andy Anderson puts them all to shame. His care and attention are incomparable. He spends so much time with his patients, I don't know how the guy makes a living. I'm on workers comp now, and I had my pick of physical therapists to go to, but Andy was my only choice. He will not give up until you are healed. The last time I saw him was 4 years ago, and when I came back this time, he remembered everything about me, my life, my injury, little details I would have never expected anyone to recall. He pays attention; you're not just a client to him, you're a friend. This time it's my shoulder, and when I first went to see him, I was in pain 24/7. It's been about 3 weeks now, and my pain is just about gone. Thank you, Andy. You're the best!"
- Posted on Google Plus

"Chuck got me back on my feet!  Friendly staff very helpful.  This place is the best! Thanks again, Chuck!!!"
- Posted on Yelp

"My posture, gait, & stride are much improved, and my back feels so much better. My entire family thanks you for your expertise, compassion, and most certainly your patience.”
- Bonnie

"You have gone above and beyond the call of giving me so much extra time. You have helped to keep me out of the hospital!"
- Jean

"I have made almost miraculous progress due to the dedicated care I received in my therapy. I also received kind encouragement in my not-so-upbeat moments. To say I received the best therapy possible...would not be an over-statement."
- Betty O. "Andy saved my life! My arm was paralyzed when I came in for my initial appointment. Now...I have full use! He also caught a problem with my hand that the docs didn't catch. He really saved my life!" - Bernadette S. "Decatur PT is the absolute best team in therapy I have experienced. Not only are they very thorough with treatments, but are very patient-oriented. Thank you, Chuck and team, for a tremendous job on my shoulder!" - Karen L.
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