Decatur Physical Therapy
& Sports Medicine

Your First Visit

When you arrive at Decatur Physical Therapy, our friendly office staff will welcome you and answer any questions you have about billing, scheduling, or insurance.

When To Get Here:

There's paperwork to fill out, so if you can arrive about 15 minutes early to get that out of the way, it will give the therapist more time to focus on your treatment. Or, print the forms under the "Patient Forms" link and you'll be in great shape!

How To Get Here:

For Directions to the clinic, click here.

What To Bring: 

  • The prescription from your referring physician 
  • Any other information your physician gives you about your therapy
  • In order to verify and file your insurance we need to copy your insurance card(s) and a picture ID
  • Print and fill out each of the forms in "New Patient Forms" below
What To Wear:

In general, wear loose, comfortable clothing. Specifically, if your treatment is for:       
  • Neck - loose shirt with a loose collar, or you may change into a gown          
  • Shoulder - for women, wearing a sports bra or tank top may make it unnecessary to change into a gown
  • Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot - loose shorts
If you print these forms and fill them out before your appointment, you'll save time when you arrive. We know it's a lot of paperwork, but most of it is required by insurers. We actually need the rest of the information to do a good job for you!

Please print and fill out each of the following forms:
  • Patient Information
  • Medical History
  • Financial Policy
  • Assignment of Benefits
  • Privacy Policy 
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey
*As recommended by
the Federal Trade Commission's
"Red Flags Rule,"
we adhere to an
Identity Theft Prevention Program. For this reason, we ask that you
present photo identification when
 you check-in for your first appointment. 

For more information about physical therapy and visiting our office,
please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)page.

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